I have not written in a month, does it matter? I didn't feel like writing or talking about me. Too much stress keep me down. I feel so lazy and tired, I just wanna sleep! 

Work is the same shit than usual and this won't change. There is not point to write about this. After vacations I'm going to look for a new job. Meanwhile I try to take it easy, not to run doing 7387423 tasks same time, and I try not to care about anything/anyone here.

I got my new glasses and contact lenses. I went to the gyne and everything is fine. Tomorrow I'm going to the doctor to continue with other tests. My weight stays around 124 lbs and I avoid flopur and sugar as much as I can. I would like to exercise more often but as I said, I'm lazy latelly. I added new beauty routines: glycolic acid peeling, cryogenic gel sessions, Teeth Whitening, etc.

I cut my hair and painted some blue. This Wednesday I go to the hairdresser to straight my hair. It will look nice :)

18 days to go to Florida! Michael and I enjoy getting ready for vacations. He's doing so well to look better. Already lost 26 lbs and joined the gym. We are buying some things and building new Magic cards deck to play there. I try not to stress myself adding so much things to do though. 

I'll try to write and read journals everyday as usual but I won't stress myself trying to catch up with all that I miss this month. I try stress not to fuck my mental health up but it's sooo hard to do. Vacations and a new job should help.


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