I need a Dr to bring me back to life

Yesterday I had appointment with the same doctor who saved me 23 years ago from meningitis. He still remember it. I told him some of the many issues I'm having and he decided the first he will check is heart and thyroid. So I got a lot of tests to do: holter, electrocardiogram, echocardiogram, thyroid test, blood test, urine test, audiometry and logoaudiometry.

To fix my sleep he gave me Melatonin. I can't drink coffee after noon and I can't use any screen 2 hours before bed time. He also sent me to see a dentist to get mouth guard and an otolaryngologist to check my hear because latelly I can't hold any kind of sound. That last is draving me crazy (more than I am actually).

My boss won't be happy because I'll need to do those tests on work schedule but fuck her, who cares? She expects I do the tests during my vacations... HA! she can sit and wait for it....

In few hours I have appointment with hairdresser to straight my hair. The few blue hairs still looks purple, well to be honest they are so so so few hairs that they are hard to find so who cares.


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