16 days to go

I have a lot of things to do before going to Florida but I feel so tired that I am doing almost nothing. 

I need to make new magic cards deck, but not sure yet what color I'll use. I have around 1000 cards but it's not enought to make something good. Not sure if I'll continue playing blue-black deck. 

I should push harder my English lessons and workout, I'm being so lazy with it. I have cryogenic sessions every night though, better than nothing I guess.

Since I don't feel like working, I'm looking for places to visit in Florida. Does anybody have any suggestions? I wrote down few places to show to Michael and see if there is something we want to do:

  • Ripley's odditorium
  • The great magic hall
  • Fun spot
  • Swan boat rides
  • Universal studios again
  • Nascar I drive
  • Pirates cove golf
  • Icon Orlando 360
  • Lake Mary Jane
  • Audubon center for birds of prey
  • Disney

I need research about apps to get discount coupons. I already bought some stuff from Amazon, Walmart and eBay and I want to continue buying more things there. Michael wanna take me to Michaels store to see if there is something that I would like for my bullet journal. I don't know what stores I can go to buy those stuff. I want to buy some notebooks but I don't want to order them online because I need to see the paper quality. I read yesterday some reviews on Amazon about the famous Leuchtturm 1917 and people say that the paper is thiny and it bleds. It should not happens with a $20 notebook! 


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