Dragon Ball Weekend

Last Friday they put me the holter. I called boss and asked to work from home because my office is upstair and I was not going to write down in the medical journal every single time that I go up and downstairs.  That day I felt so bad, it was cold, and I was tired as hell. I tried to nap around 5 pm but I could not fall asleep because my heart kept waking me up with some kind of tachycardia or smt like that. After 2 hours trying to fall asleep I got up and I was so disoriented that I hit my arm against the door handle, I was so clumsy. It hurted as fuck and sadly this was not the only accident that I had. All I wanted was to sleep.

It was Friends day but of course I was not going to go anywhere. My sister fed me and I went back to bed. I tried to stay awake for a while then before midnight I fell asleep to woke up around 3 am, as usual.... after that I kept falling asleep and waking up a lot of times until I got up. I had breakfast then I went to the clinic for they get the holter back, then I went home because if I had gone to work I was going to arrive 1 hour before the time to go back home, fuck that!

The first thing that I did when I got home was taking a hot shower to warn body up. I tried to do something usefull with my day so I did workout and some beauty routine, then I argued with Michael and I went to the bed to play cellphone games and sleep. Of course I woke up 3-4 am... the stress and the lack of sleep are killing my mental heath. Everything irritates me, I'm always moody trying so hard not to get depressed. 

On Sunday it was cold and cloudy. I finished the list with all my Magic cards, then I draw Vegeta because Michael asked for it. It was my first time drawing Dragon Ball characters so I had to watch a tutorial on youtube. I painted it with markers but I kinda fucked it up because I don't have skin colors, so I used some marker and pencils for the skin. It could be worse.... anyways, Michael liked it and now he wants I draw Vegeta god form stage 2.

I installed on my cellphone the game Dragon Ball Z Dokkan battle. I'm having fun with that.


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