You do not have permission to get sick

On Monday I came to work and boss was upset because her daughter came to the office last Saturday for me to teach her how to use social networks and I was not there! Although I bring the papers where it says the date of my medical appointments she said I should be there that day. I explained to this old lady that at the time I left the clinic I was going to get office around noon, and we work until 1 pm. So what's the point to come for 1 hour? But she wanted to argue with me and claimed that everybody was waiting for me to answer an email. I told her that email was for sales manager and not for me (it says clearly "Dear Joaquin") but she kept arguing saying  that sales manager had to reply because I didn't showed up. Even if I print the email and make her read in front of me she wont admite she's wrong. Wathever.

I asked her if she needs I bring any other paper from doctor for she to be sure that my health is really fucked up and it is not me making things up. She said that is not necessary but I have to take doctor appointments at 8 am or after 6 pm..... what the fuck? Bitch! There are just few tests they do at 8am, like blood and orine test, but the other test they do during the normal work schedule (from 9 to 17-18).  I told her that I can't delay my tests forever because I am really fucked up... I almost yell at her face that I CAN NOT SLEEP but she look at me like "it's your issue not mine". I told her that she can be sure that I try to get appointments after work time because I know what they think, that people will pretend they have some health issue to go doctor and skip work. Obviously she didn't neglect it....  In some point of the conversation she said ironically that if my health is so fucked up I should get a medical license. Ok after my vacations I will really try to get it. Pretty sure I can get a paid license but I've tried to avoid it not to harm the company... fuck this company!!! I was so angry that I wanted to punch her in her face.

A week ago the guy with who I share office and I had a kind of argument. I was reading a mail that sales manager sent us with a minute of the last meeting. They never did it before so I was wonder if they are trying to get legal validity proof that some people don't do their work so they can fire them. That was the thought I was saying to my coworker but he stopped me almost yelling I DON'T CARE I DON'T CARE WHAT ARE YOU SAYING, YOU KNOW WHAT???? I DON'T CARE SO DON'T TELL ME. I could think he was moody but nope because 1 minute earlier he was reading messages in his phone and laughing hard so I don't know what was wrong with him but it was very disrespectful to answer me in that way. I look at him and I said "no problem. When you feel like complaining about something I will be there to hear you AS USUAL" Yes he is always talking shit about everybody to me, even when he is in a trip he send me audios complaining or criticizing things, and also photos of his work to show me how good he is, and I always reply him in a nice way. So I stopped talking to him, just Good morning and Good bye, then I wear headphones to listen to the music and I ignore him all day long every day. It didn't stop him to complain, now he talks alone complaining, but at least I don't get involved in a negative conversation. 

As I mentioned before, boss's daughter is now in charge of the company social networks and newsletters. I sent to her the link of mailchimp tutorials for her to learn to use templates. I was not going to teach her how to design. That's not my work and she has enought money to pay for lessons. The deal was that I was going to do that work at home then they was going to pay me few extra bucks for it, but suddenly they changed their mind (without tell me anything) and decided she will do it. It's ok for me, because that money doesn't worth but if I didn't accept the work they probably will make me do it during my work schedule for free... so she's doing it and I think it's great that people learn and try to do new things. I admite I feel some joy to see how good my newsletters are if I compare it with what they do now, and fun to see how they struggle with things that were soooooo easy to do when it was me who did it. The first post she did on facebook, our provider sent me an email with the Brand identity manual and asked us to delete that post. Now they will understand why I didn't post whatevere they wanted. 


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