Hearing loss

I had 2 appointments this week which were during work time: one on Tuesday to do
audiometry and logoaudiometry, and the other on Wednesday to see the dentist and get a mouth guard.  After the argument with boss I decided to cancel the appointment with dentist to see if I can get other appointment earlier, but I went to do audiometry tests. 

Tuesday afternoon the monitor of my work computer got burned. Boss had left the office so I asked to a coworker who usually fix things here if he could check my monitor. On Wednesday I came to work and there was not any task that I could do without my computer. When boss arrived I told her about the issue and she said we will try to fix the screen. Meanwhile I did.... nothing, literally NOTHING, I sat down and I did nothing at all for 9 hours. She didn't even send me to work from home. She made me cancel my appointement with dentist to get the mouth guard which is top priority to fix my health but made me stay 9 hours there doing NOTHING!!!! how is this a gain for her? I really can not understand. Anyways, she paid for it so whatever. That day my coworker checked the monitor and said it can not be fixed. 

On Thursday they bought new monitor for me at noon so I had 4 hours free where I stayed playing games at phone :D The guy who shares office with me, the one that I barely talk, was on rage because sales manager put him to do my work... owned! 

After work I went to otolaryngologist. She said I have tinnitus and hearing loss. The tinnitus can be because my bruxism or/and because cervical issues so she will run more tests to see what kind of sound I hear and when I start feeling pain. She said I need the mouth guard and to get new job (that's for sure!) The hearing loss seems is caused because the tinnitus and it happens at 4000+ HZ so is not like I'll be deaf. I explained to doctor the problem that I have with boss for getting my tests done and asked her to write a diagnosis in a paper for boss to see that my issue is real and I need  to do more tests. Doctor wrote the diagnosis and she also added to avoid noisy places, to wear ear protector and to avoid talking by phone. She wanted to write a note for boss to move me to quiet place but I told her there is not better office to move to. 

Boss is not at work today, she's traveling for a week so I sent her an email to remember her that next Tuesday I have to do electrocardiogram and echocardiogram. From now every time that I have to go to doctor I will send an email just to let her know it instead talking to her to get permission. When she comes back I'll give to her the note that doctor wrote yesterday so maybe she will stfu.


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