Yesterday I got the medical report of the holter test (<--- probably this is not a good English lol). I am pretty sure that I won't need a peacemarker which make me happy. The report doesn't show nothing new for me, sinus bradycardia. Heart doesn't make pauses (that just happens when I am exhausted) so I guess no reason to get a peacemarker and an ugly scar on my chest! I had ventricular extrasystoles (oh there is the name of those beats who wake me up in the moment that I am falling asllep, mtf!!!) but it seems pretty normal to have it.

Something that I realize that I woke up at the same time that the holter recorded the lowest heartbeat of my heart (that day was 3.14 am) . It wen to 40 and stayed that low for 2-3 hours. I think 40bpm when you are sleeping is normal but why this wake me up? Annoying!!!!

However 2 more heart test then I can bring it to the doctor. Pretty sure he will says everything is normal, and I need get a way to get ride of stress, drink less caffeine, take melatonin to sleep and get the damn mouth guard. 

I should to learn meditation but my stupid messed mind never leave me alone!!!!!


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