Flight to Florida - August 3rd

(I'm writing my vacation memories 2 weeks later)

I didn't sleep at all. Yesterday when I got home I finished packing, then I spent next hours getting ready to travel. By 4 am I tried to get Uber but noone took my trip, I think it was because I've never use it before and it was an expensive trip. I was afraid to get an Uber anyways so I called a taxy. I arrived to the airport at 5 am, I dropped off the luggage then I went to the cafe to drink latte and to write in my journal. I was so tired and sleepy! 

The plane took off at 8 o'clock and the trip lasted two hours (it was a connecting flight). I refused to sleep to see the Andes mountain. The top of the mountain is snowed, I could see them even though the weather was cloudy. The trip was quiet, I was alone in the row of seats :) There in the plane was a girl with an emotional support dog.

The flight arrived to Chile Airport at 9.30 am and the next flight left 2 hours later so I walked around and went into Victoria's Secret store. Afther that I sat down to charge my iPhone and to wait. The second plane was a 787 Boening very comfortable.  The seat next to me was empty. there were a lot of kids as usual in fligths to Orlando. At the other end of the row of seats was a chilean man who moved to another seat with his friends so I had again all the row just for me, hurrah! I could stand up and go to the restroom without bother other people :)

In the row of seats behind me was a woman with her kid, I think he was 3-4 years old. The kid was very restless, he kept moving and asking if we had arrived. At first I thought it was funny but after few hours of not being able to sleep because he kicked my seat nonstop it was not funny anymore... I had to move to the seat of the middle and I felt asleep time to time, I was so tired.  The food was very good, for lunch I had marinated chicken cold plate with quinoa bites, fava beans and mixed greens with yogurt-sesame dressing, and for dinner I had spinach-ricotta cannelloni with creamy saffron sauce and roasted red pepper coulis. The only I was mad about is they didn't give me a bottle of water like the last year. 

The flight arrived to Orlando on time, at 9.30 pm. There were not people in the waiting queue of the customs, I was almost the first person from my flight to get there! I claimed my baggage then I went to the central building where Michael was waiting for me. 

It was so nice to see him again, and what a surprise, he's really getting fit!!! I like it, he looks so good. We gave each other a huge hug and a lot of kisses and stayed like that for a couple of minutes happy to be together again, then we left the airport and we went to the hotel. 

Our room is not as big as it was the last year but I liked it, is still bigger than my apartment lol. On the table Michael put all the stuff he brought for me, but I didn't stop to look at them, I needed a shower, to changes my clothes and to spend time with my boy first.  Then Mike brought the gifts for me to the bed while I was looking for comfortables clothes to put on. I think he was anxious or excited to see if I like the gifts, I love that!. First of all I took the Fitbit, the size that I chose is perfect and the color is beautiful. Mike configured it and put it to charge. Then I took the phone case. It seemed very solid and safe. It's waterproof, resistant to shock, dust and sand. I need to do the water test before use it. After the case I took my Swell bottle. All my things have beautiful and vivid colors, I love them all!.
When I was done with those things he gave me my undies. At first I thought the size was too big but I tried them on and they fit me. I think that a smaller size will be very narrow and will be noticed under my pants. Mike got undies for him which match with mines, they are so soft and comfortables. 

I was looking for something to bring for him from my country. I usually buy gifts for him from Amazon and I send it to his house, but I wanted to give him something typical from my country. I was looking for a genuine leather wallet because which mike use is not genuine, but I could not find one with many pockets and slots for credit cards. Something typical from my country is a brew called "mate" but i don't like it so no way to make Michael to drink it. Another typical thing is the alpaca or steel knives, with their decorated handles. But you can not get them on the plane, consider them a weapon. So finally I got an expensive genuine leather belt because as he is losing weight his pants don't fit him anymore, it can be useful and this is nice to wear with the clothes that he use for work. I think (and I hope) that Mike liked it, he wore the belt every day during vacations :)

There were still more gifts to check but we went to Walmart to get some food, and coffee of course! For dinner Mike had salad and I had ham and cheese sandwich, then it was time to sleep. 

Photos after cut

Journaling at the airport
Aeroparque Internacional Jorge Newbery Argentina
Andes mountain
It was so yummy!
Some gifts


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