Saturday August 4th - Still tired

I didn't sleep well, I woke up 4 hours after falling asleep... I didn't want to get up because I was going to feel tired all day long so I forced myself to stay in the bed and fell asleep again. I got 3 more hours of sleeping. We got up after noon. I left the bed first then I took the other gifts that Mike brought for me and the stuff that I bought and I sent to his house. 

He got so beautiful and shiny makeup for me, I am in love with those colors. Everything is mostly purple and blue, our favorites colors.  The star is for sure the Urban Decay Moondust eyeshadows palette with its 8 shiny colors. I got 2 Urban Decay vintage lipstick: blue and purple, 1 liquid eyeshadow Urban Decay color blue, 2 Almay lashes mascara blue and purple, 1 Stila blue eyeliner, 1 Urban Decay electric blue eye liner and 2 Urban Decay liquid eyeliner blue and electric blue. Michael is so good to choose stuff for me, better than myself!!!! Even my ex who lived with me for 6 years never knew what things I like, which colors, my hobbies, or anything about me.
I got more makeup which I bought myself: more purple mascaras, blue and purple eye liner and liquid eyeshadows all from Sinful Colors, and makeup brushes, eyeshadows, fundation, concealers, lip liner, false lashes etc from BH Cosmetics. A lot of makeup. And there were waiting for me my stuff for drawing and journaling!!!! The Pigma Micron set is soooo great for drawing, so good quality ink. Of course I fell in love with the pastel colors of Tombow dual brush pens and Stabilo highlighters. The set of fine point pens that I bought also surprised me, none of them were dry and they have vivid colors. I got also the korean beauty stuff... probably Mike's luggage had more stuff for me that for himself lol. 

After breakfast we went to Coliseum of Comics to buy new Magic cards. We got one box and I got 2 Harry Potter Funko Pop for my niece, they are so cute!. I saw a little Goku on his cloud that I regreat I didn't buy for me... next time I will get it. Then we went to another comic store to buy another box of Magics which was cheaper in this store... so mad at Coliseum! We went back to the hotel and we started to make our decks. Dominaria cards are good enought to make decks without add any other set so we went for it. That makes things a little easier for me, hurrah! Mike made a blue-white annoying deck and I went again for blue-black. We played two games, which Mike won, then we went to the bed to watch series then sleep.

During the early morning Mike had to wake me up because I was screaming in dreams. I don't remember about what was the dream but I knew I was dreaming and I was not comfortable having that dream so I knew that if I could scream then Michael was going to wake me up... it worked :D

Photos after cut

Makeup that Mike got for me
Makeup that I got for myself
Yes, more makeup
Coliseum of comics
Harry Potter Funko Pop
Mike cracking some Magic packs :)


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