Sunday August 5th - Pool day

Again I slept less than 7 hours. We woke up at noon, had lunch then we played few game cards while deciding what to do today. Suddenly it was raining, something normal in Florida so when the rain stopped we decided to go to the pool. The weather was warm, and while we were there it rained for a while, but it was not necessary to leave the pool. 

Next to the pool was a hot tub, the spa. We went in and stayed there for long, it was so relaxing! Next to us were a woman with her daughter. She was making the kid to take photos of her while she made sexy pose. It was hard not to laugh but we made it! I don't care what everybody does with their life but it makes me feel uncomfortable to see a girl taking sexy photos of her mother to get some likes in social networks. Whatever, not my business.

At 7pm we went back to the room, we took a shower then we went to the store to buy some alcohol. Mike got Vodka to make a super drink he wants I try, and I got Baileys. We also went to Walmart to buy more things, then we went to our favorite place to buy food: Buffalo Wild Wings. After picking our order we went back to the hotel and Mike made the drink. It has Vodka (I chose Mango-pineapple vodka), MTN Dew soda and Kool-Aid lemonade drink mix. He mixed it and put in the fridge. He got 2 bottles of beer and put lime inside then we sat to eat and watch a TV show called "Something's killing me".

After dinner I had to try that drink Michael did, it's delicious! I can not taste the vodka, just a little time to time. We were so fat and tired that we went to sleep. Finally I got some rest. I could sleep 7 hours without wake up, probably because the alcohol.

Vacation Village at Parkway

More photos

The hot tub
Trying to take a photo were I don't look so bad... it was impossible lol
Ducks sleeping in the parking lot
Buffalo Wild Wings, beer and Mike ♥
The super vodka drink
Our room
The bath in the bedroom :)
The view from my window


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