Tuesday August 7th - Silver Glen Springs - Lake George

Today I woke up at 9 am because my belly hurt. I had not hangover nor headache. Michael woke up at noon. I had some family drama on whatassap then whe decided going to swim to Silver Glen Springs, the place that shampoo_neko02 recommended me to visit (Thanks a lot for that ♥).

We drove for 2 hours to get the lake... well maybe less but I got hungry and I needed to go to the restroom so we stopped at the services station. We were not sure if we were going to the right direction. I knew that we should go to the hole place but not to some other but I could not remember exactly where place it was and at some point we had not signal on our cellphones. Finally we arrived to the recreation area. I felt it was the place we should not go but I didn't see another way.

The place is beautiful. The water is very cristalline but cold (too cold for me!) and the lake bottom has some sea shells which make it a little hard when you enter to the water. We stayed for a while inside the lake taking photos under the water but we didn't swim, it was really cold and everybody was complaining about, lol. I took the photos with the  Nikon camera and the waterproof case, I was afraid to use the iPhone with its new case. 

After that we went for a walk around. We went through a forest of cedar, pines and oak trees, first following a squirrel which ran away after few meters. We walked for 30 minutes aprox until the bugs started to bite Mike :D The adventage of not having so much blood in my body is that bugs don't bite me! At the end of the trail there were an awful and big spider hanging from its web. We were not going to walk under it, thanks! so we had to take another trail to go back to the recreation area. 

There are some animals who live around the lake, like bears, manatees, aligators, bald eagles, birds, etc. After our walk we sit on the grass and Mike feeded some of those big birds while I took photos. Somehow I managed to sit on my Rayban sunglasses those which Mike gave me 1 year ago, which didn't get broken but crooked.... GRRRRRR. I could fix them but I am very angry at myself for being so clumsy. 

Around 6 in the afternoon when people started to leave the place we put our things in the car and we came back to the hotel. We ate more BWW chicken, watched Dragon Ball then we fell asleep. 

Silver Glen Springs

More photos and video...

A lot of birds on the tree
stupid shitty spider

The video is not great because I was afraid to keep the camera underwater for long, it was the first time I was using that camera and case which my friend lent me.


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