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How to say to someone that he smells bad?

This is the question. We are 3 people working in an office 3x3 meters approximately. There is not natural ventilation, and no windows. One of us, is a man with overweight (too much), who smokes, and seems is not someone who takes a shower every day.
Since many days when he comes into the office it start to smell very bad... like ass.
I doubted it was him, I thought it was the carpet or anything else but nope... his ass smell very bad. Is not sweating, is not cuz smoking, it is his ass that smell like hell.
I started to use nonstop air freshener, I let the door open, I also say that something smell bad, but seems he just doesn't care.
Why I think it is him? easy... when he is not here, the office never smell bad.
I really don't want be mean to him and say "he fat, ur ass smell as shit, clean it" but now that days start getting warm it is very hard to hold and disgusting... what I have to do? ermm.gif
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