Wednesday 8 August - Shopping day

I woke up at 6 am... I don't know what is wrong with me but I can't still rest. It was too early to get up so I stayed in the bed and fell asleep again until noon. Mike is so bad to leave the bed. He'll wake up then hug me and fall asleep again, then wake up, turn TV on, make me lay on his chest and fall asleep again. I'm not complaining, I love feeling him next to me.

We got up and we played few games of magic cards then around 4 pm we left the hotel to go shopping making a stop at Dunkin Donuts to buy frozen large caramel coffee. Soooo delicius! We went to Target to buy clothes for Martu. I got a Harry Potter cup and shirt for my niece also and some makeup brushes for my sister. I didn't find nothing nice for journaling. 

Afther that we went to Michaels. OMG it's the paradise!!!! I wanted to buy all the stuff they have lol. They were selling the Tombow brush pen set for only $17 so I got 2 sets. The Copic Ciao markers set 6 pcs was expensive $36 but Michael had a discount coupon which I used to pay them so it cost me $18. I also bought stencils, stamps, inks.. I spent more than $100 D:

Across from the Michaels was Ulta so I told Mike to do a fast trip there to get some gifts for Flor and my sister. I was thinking to spend there not more than 10-15 minutes since I have enough makeup and I didn't need anything for myself from there.... well I walked to the nailpolish isle with the idea to buy few Sinful Colors nailpolish which are cheap, but it seems they don'y sell this brand anymore. Anyways I saw a beautiful shiny amazing blue color nailpolish which cost $10... expensive for a nailpolish I know but if there is a beautiful blue color I need to have it... trust me, I really NEED that! I also saw a beautiful shiny liquid lipstick and got myself blue and purple one, which I am not sure when I will use them because they are like for going to a night party.  The fast trip to Ulta ended up being a 2 hours walk inside the store with Michael following me (not to lose our steps challenge) where I had really hard time trying to pick makeup for Flor and my sister. It sucked so much but at least they liked it. I made myself upset and tired. Mike was joking but he didn't get mad, is not he lovely? 

We drove to Old Town and we bought pizza in Flippers Pizzeria: triple pepperoni, hawaiian and a delicious toscana cheese bread which has garlic butter, provolone, romano, asiago, fresh basil, oregano and pizza sauce. We went to the hotel and we ate on the bed watching our shows :D

Sugar overdose

Photos after cut

Michaels: my new favorite store
More nailpolish to growth my collection!
So in love with this color ♥
2 hours to buy that from Ulta....
Old Town
yummy yummy yummy


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