Monday 6th August - Getting drunk

(Yes I forgot to write about this day)

Today I woke up and I gave massages to Mike. I love feeling his skin and body and he definitely loves when I do it. After that we went to the bath, then had lunch and we played cards. We decided to go to Barnes & Noble to get books to read together. 

We chose two mystery and fiction books: "City of endless night" by Preston&Child, and "A stranger in the house" by Shari Lapena. I bought myselft "Inferno" by Dan Brown because Mike has the book and we will read it at some point so I want to have the paper book version (and it was cheap, only $9.99). On a table there were some Special Edition books, with leather hardcover and gold trim pages. They had Complete Sherlock Holmes and I could not help... I had to have it. It cost only $25 so I didn't think twice about buying this book. 

After that we went to Orlando Vineland Premium Outlets and went to some stores but to be honest we didn't see anything that we wanted to buy. I didn't like the clothes they were selling and I hate crowed places, so we went back to the hotel.

Mike cooked a delicious meat on the grill and some sausages. We had dinner around 7.30 then Mike filled his Swell bottle with the vodka drink and we went to the pool. Although it was night the water was warm, I love it. Mike was trying to make me drunk and we had a lot of fun. I never got drunk before because I hardly ever drink so it was easy work for Mike. I was not ruined, I was able to walk without fall or make us ashame. We can say that I was "happy and a little dizzy". And of course I said more silly things than usual but I made Mike laugh a lot. 

Taking advantage of that I was drunk, Mike tested my iPhone under the water and made me a little nervous. He has the same case than me but he never tried with his cellphone. The case is really sealed and waterproof! Just a little messy when I put the phone under the water because the preassure on the screen makes the camera turn from back to frontal.
We went to the hot tub and keep drinking. The hot water makes me a little more dizzy but I was still a decent woman lol. There were a guy with two girls and Michael shared our drink with him. He is always social and nice to people around, I like his behavior.

Around 11 pm we went back to our room, changes clothes and we went to Walmart to buy more Mtn Dew and I bought some nailpolish. Back to the hotel Mike did dishes while I was still under the effect of the alcohol. We watched another episode of Dragon Ball then we fell asleep. 

Kiss time! ♥ ♥ ♥

More photos...

Books ♥
Got a treasure ♥ ♥
The cheff!
Sooooo delicioussssss
Funny picture where i try not to look so drunk (and I fail) and Mike look at me like if he is thinking on sneak away

The photos at the pool kinda suck because there is dark and the photographer was drunk. I don't post any underwater photo because all of them are Mike's trunks and legs since I was just testing. 


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