Thursday 9th August - More shopping

It seems like I started to relax and my mind is realizing that I am on vacations. I slept some better and today I woke up at 11 am, at least not so early! Mike was still sleeping of course so I stayed quiet writing on my journal. When he woke up we decided to go to the pool. Weather was sunny and hot so we were a long time in the water joking and carrying each other like the two kids that we are :D

When we had enough we lie on the deck chairs to sunbathe and to read our book which is very interesting. This idea that Mike had a time ago of reading books together is enjoyable. We usualy discuss the plot and we try to guess what will happen. This is the 3rd book we read together and two more books are in the waiting list. 

I got angry with myself because I dropped my new Swell bottle, which rolled on the cement floor getting few scratches.... damn my clumsiness! Mike told me to buy another one and not to worry about this, but I don't want to get another, this is the one he gave me and this is the one I want to have for long time. 

Around 5 pm dark clouds covered the sun and in the sky there were lightning, so we went back to the room to get shower and change clothes. I did my nails with that lovely blue nailpolish color that I bought in Ulta. Michael took me to Kohl's to buy clothes. I love the clothes of Jenifer Lopez but they are expensive now for me. First time I came to USA exchange rate was 16:1, 18 months later the exchange rate is 31:1 so I was a little upset about how stupid and fucked up my country is but I found the clearance corner and I got a lot of dresses, shirts and even some hoodie very cheap. So good Mike was entertaining himself playing fantasy football or something else in his cellphone because I spent 1 hour trying clothes on and I ended up with the bag full of them.

Mike is telling me that I have so much things to bring back to my country but I am pretty sure that I am fine and hey, they gave me a $30 dollars coupon so next week I am comming back! We left Kohl's when they were closing the store, then we went to Walmart where I found a paper trimmer which I think will be useful for journaling! Mike was in beauty plan, he bought a bath bomb and some facial masks so I guess we are going to have a relaxing time soon. 

Back to the hotel we ate pizza and we watched our shows in the bed :)

Pool time!

More photos...

Yes, my towel is a donut :)
It was sunny, then raining, then sunny again
Ready for shopping!


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