The escapist on the beach - Friday 10th, August

We are failing to wake up early and make plans  ahead but I think this is ok. We both are always very tired and stressed with work and other issues that I don't really want to spend my vacations waking up early and rushing there and here to do 87364575 activities. I won't enjoy that at all and I'm pretty sure that Michael either.
So we woke up at noon, took shower then we decided to go to our favorite beach: Clearwater.

Clearwater is located in Tampa, less than 2 hours away from us by car. It rained a little while we were driving and I was about to fall asleep which is weird, but probably this means that I am relaxed. When we got to the beach there were some clouds in the sky but luckily it was not going to rain. We chose an spot to leave our things and we got into the water. I was afraid that water will be cold, like last time, but nope, it was very warm, a little turbid and with some algae (probably because of the red tide wich is affecting some Florida beachs). It was windy but the waves were not strong. We stayed for a couple of hours in the water joking and playing as usual,  I never get bored with Mike! Afther that we lie on the sand to sunbathe and read.

Later we left our things in the car then we went for a walk. We watched a street show "Dallas the fire guy" and his son "Nicktorious" who is an escape expert. The guy was bound with a straitjacket and tied with chains and padlocks. This took to him less than 3 minutes to escape. After the show we went to Dunkin' Donuts for coffee, then to Ron Jon store, but the store at Clearwater is very small compared to Cocoa store so we left soon. 

It was 8 pm so we went back to the car and drove to Kissimmee. Mike wanted to have dinner out so we drove around the city looking for any place we could like to finally go to our favorite restaurant... ya! Buffalo Wild Wings :D
Michael ordered a drink for me called Top Shelf Long Island Iced Tea which has Bacardi, Smirnoff, beefeater, sauza gold, Cointreau, lemon and a splash of Pepsi... Delicious! I can't not taste the alcohol. I should ordered a second one. I had boneless wings with honey bbq and french fries with cheedar and bacon. Of course we could not eat all the food :)

Back to the hotel I was not feeling great, I had cramps in my stomach and in the leg I don't know why. Mike filled the bathtub, throw the bath bomb inside and turn on the hydro massage. It was soooo relaxing. When I felt better we went to the bed to watch TV. 

Clearwater Beach

Tons of photos after cut

dolphins throughout the city
I didn't want a photo but Mike took it anyways!
Yes, I love clouds
Some nice building
Yes... I take photos of him nonstop
The delicious Long Island Iced Tea
Getting fat!
Relaxing time :)

Wanna waste 1 minute of your day? 


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