Lazy day - Saturday 11th August

Today we were soooo lazy. I woke up at noon and did almost nothing. We wanted to decided a park to go on Monday but we still don't choose anyone. Mike was in the bed almost all day long alternating moments of sleep and watching tv. I think it was ok to let him rest. I wanted to write in the bullet journal but instead I wrote down in my cellphone all what we did last days. 

In the afternoon I left the bed and tried the makeup that Mike gave me. I was not sure how to use those shiny colors so I had to watch a tutorial on Youtube lol. At first I thought I was doing terrible but I kept going since I had nothing to lose. I'm satisfied with the result, it could we worse! Mike says it looks good.
Because I did so good makeup I put on a nice black dress, high heels, parfume and I forced Mike to leave the bed. He asked me where I wanted to go... I don't know! I hardly ever go out at night. I don't usualy drink, I don't like going to restaurantes since I worked in one for years and years, cinema was not an option because it won't have subtittles, so I had not plans at all, I just wanted to leave the room for a while not to be all day long there, so we went to DD for coffee then to Barnes&Noble to buy more journals to write ♥

I got myself the famous Leuchtturm1917 to see why everybody loves it but in my opinion the quality of the paper is not according to the price.. $20 for tiny paper pages. I found 2 more bullet journals with soft cover and better paper for 7$ each!

We ate the leftovers of BWW and watched Dragon Ball in the bed. Because I love the face of Goku kid, Mike took pencil and paper and he drew one for me. I fall in love to those details! Every thing he says, he does or he makes for me is a treasure which makes me very happy :)

More photos...

The makeup is more shiny than it seems in the photos
Does it look decent?
I don't remember what stupid thing were we doing here but we look funny
A little friend says hello!
So many journals to write in :D


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