Life is better at da beach - Sunday 12th August

We got up at noon and got ready to go to the beach. This time we went to Cocoa Beach. The weather forecast showed rain but they were so wrong!. It was sunny and very hot. Before to get the beach we went to buy our favorite coffee to Dunkin' Donuts but the guy who took our order was messing all the orders up, so instead of Hot Caramel Macchiato we got a normal Capuccino.... annoying.

We got the beach and we got into the water. The water was more warm and clear than in Clearwater which is nice. We played for a while (yes we don't swin, we play) then we left the water and sunbathed. We're competing to see who gets more tan, so far Mike is winning because he was already tan before vacations!. I read while he slept a little. It was so hot that we got into the water again for a long time. I's so good that Mike enjoys the beach so much because I love it.

In the evening we went to Jon Ron store to see what new clothes they have. I tried on some bikinis but I didn't like how I look on them. Not big deal, the one that I'm using I bought there 1 year ago so it's still fine. I bought a warm blue light hoodie which I like so much and a shirt for Mike. We looked for little clothes for his nephew which is 2 or 3 months old and for shirts to his sister and her husband. Mike wanted to match the clothes for them all, but the clothes for the baby doesn't match with anything else in the store. We spend  at least 1 hour shopping and this time was not because me!!! :D

Back to the hotel Mike cooked again that delicious meat on the grill. We wayched TV until fall asleep and I had bad dreams again. Mike had to wake me up because I was grunting and moving on dreams. It was about a little girl who was holding a white long-legged spider and she was trying to rub it on my face... horror!!!  

More photos after cut

funny spanish attempt or probably a joke.


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