Sick and sad - Monday 13th August

It was supposed that we were going to wake up early and go to some park... we failed again. I got cold because the damned air conditioner althought it's always in 77 degrees. Mike turned it off yesterday but was too late, I'm feeling sick: stuffed nose, sneezing nonstop and feeling tired. I drew another Vegeta for Mike while watching TV in the bed. 

When we got up we went to the pool, it was so hot and sunny. We swim, sunbathe and read. The book is getting so interesting. Suddenly a storm was brewing. The wind began to blow dragging the chairs into the pool. We decided to go back to the room, I had not interest on being hitted by a chair. An Irish man who saw us leaving, asked if our watchs were Fitbit. He asked us to loan him our charger because his charger can't be plugged in the US power sockets so we all went upstair to our room and he took one of our charges with him to his room.  We changed our clothes and waited for him to come back. 

Finally it doesn't rain and the storm disappear but we didn't go back to the pool. We went to Michaels to buy some markers which my mother and Martu want. I checked in their website which store had stock and it showed a store 30 minutes away from us so we drove up there. When we got the store, they could not find the markers althought they system showed stock avaible. The shop assistant looked for the markers everywhere but she could not find any so she called another store telling them we were going to pick up 2 boxes of those markers. Before to go to the other store I bought more things for journaling: washi tapes, ink stamp, notebooks. Also Mike got some notebooks for him :)
When we got the other store they had just 1 box of the markers....they could not find the second box. Mike was very pissed off with them but well... at least we got 1. 

Back to the hotel I painted the Vegeta that I drew yesterday, Mike is very happy with his vegetas :) 

It was going to be a very hard and sad night, the last night together, so I did my best not to cry or get depressed. Anyways I know tomorrow I'll cry. 

Vegeta draw


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