You are comming again - August 14th :(

Finally the day came to return home, to go away from who I love, to go back to the routine of work and responsibilities. I think I wont ever get used to this day, and seems Michael either. 

We got up at noon undecided to go to the pool or not. While deciding I started to pack my things. That took forever. Michael was right, I bought so many things so I had problems distributing luggage evenly because one suitcase is smaller than the other. Michael packed his things as well and helped me with my mission Impossible.

To the fact that they were going to charge me $100-$200 for overweight I decided to buy a bag to carry with me then I could do lighter the suitcase which was heavy. So we left the room, we went to Dunkin' Donuts for coffee then we went to Walmart to buy a bag. I saved at least $75 in this way. When all my stuff was packed Michael asked me to go to Nike store to buy clothes as I always do but I didn't want to add more weight to my luggage so we stayed in the room watching TV, curled up in the couch until 6 pm.

We didn't want to go to the airport 3 hours early, because the endless waiting make this moment hurts more, more sad. It took longer that we expect to get the airport because Michael got lose in the freeway trying to get the right entrance to the parking lot, that stress us a little but at the end it was better. Went we got there, I dropped off my luggage then we walked to the Customs zone. 

I had 25-30 minutes before left Michael and walk to the gate. We didn't talk so much, we were holding hard our tears. Michael was saying Please don't cry but I could not help and I did making him instantly to cry too. This always happens to us! When it was time to go, he told me "Don't be sad, you are comming again". 

It took me a while to stop crying so I went through customs and the boarding gate crying without care what people think about. Michael stayed in the other side of the Customs control untill I disappear then messaged me until my plane took off. 

The connecting flight did a stop on Brasil, where I had to take another plane which didn't wait for us because the first flight was few minutes delayed. LAN staff did their best and got us another flight with GOL Airlines which departed 3 hours later, so I spent the next 1:30 hour walking around the Sao Paulo airport with another 11 people who got stucked like me, going to one airline counter picking my heavy luggages and walking 30 minutes carrying it to the other airline counter to do the check in and to drop off the luaggages. I was tired, upset, sleepy, hungry and still sad. 

Michael arrived to Indianapolis before I get home.... and guess what? I am not sick, the few symptons that I had are gone. But Michael?  he got the sickness from me and feel terrible.  I gave him a very original memento of our vacations together :D


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