More stress

My bank is fucking me up badly. Last month while I was in Florida I checked my account and I saw that they didn't do the debit to pay my credit card. I sent an email then they fixed it. This month the same happened. It supposed that when my boss transfers my salary to my bank account, the bank has to debit the money to cancel my credit card bill. They didn't, and the bill was big because I used the credit card to pay a lot of things on vacations.

I waited some days to see if they was going to take the money but they didn't. I needed to use my credit card to pay the hosting server that I use for my business but they rejected my credit card. I sent an email to the bank early at morning, and they didn't answer so at night I did an online payment from my bank account to cancel the credit card bill. Those motherfucker after see my message, instead to check what was going on, they debited the money from my account (or tried) when I already paid the stupid bill, and because the money that I had left in the account was not enought they even left some negative balance. I went to the bank last week, TWICE, to show them that the bill was paid and to claim my money back. They gave me the money last Friday, and I told them my theory about why this happened. They said I was right, and made some changes in my credit card billing cycle for this not to happens again. All right. 

Today I check my bank account and guess what? the bank again debit me some money to pay the credit card!!! WTF? and the number that they debited has not sense at all. I checked the resumen of my credit card for the next month and I see the bill is higher than it should be.... like I used it for $500 then they show a bill for $9000. And I am pretty sure this is because they still trying to charge me part of the money that I already paid. I am so fucking upset but what I can expect of the state bank? I should change to a private bank. 


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