Did I said stress? let's add a little more

There is a bacterium which killed 10 people in few days so we are in epidemiological alert. It's called estreptococo pyogenes and the symptom are: high fever, decay and sore throat. 

Last Sunday Martu came back home with sore throat and cough. It's normal to be like that in September because it's spring here, the allergy season. But yesterday at morning she had also fever and headache. I skipped work and took her to the doctor. The doctor who saw my kid yesterday was foreign, and she didn't look at me at all while she talked to me. She looked down at my hands but never at my face. Why? I don't know but I hate people who don't look at your eyes when they are talking to you, like if they hide something or they are unsure of what they say, so I took my kid to her pediatrist to have a second diagnosis. For me it seems only a flu but I needed to be sure. 

This morning we were getting ready to leave to the school when I realized that Martu had fever, and more than yesterday, 38C. So I had to skip work again but I called my boss, explained to her and I worked from home. Now I am checking on my kid every 1 hour, examining her throat and controlling the fever. Every time that mom messaged me to see how Martu is going, she makes me panic. She sent me screen of the news showing more deaths and sent me audios to tell me how doctors give to people bad diagnosis letting them die. Thanks mom it was what I needed.

Talking about doctors I went to see my doctor today. He took a look at all the tests they ran on me and told me that there is nothing bad. I am not anemic, blood test is ok, thyroid is ok, my heart not lower more than 40 bpm while sleeping and not lower than 46 when I am awake. He doesn't think that I need a peacemarker and he doesn't think that the bradicardia is what makes me feel so tired or messing with my sleeping. Anyways he wants I see a cardiologist.

I told him that the melatonin knock me out 30 min after taking it. Also told him that I am exhausted during the day and asked him if this can be because the pill then, he said it should not be. He said I can stop taking the pill to see if I feel better, but on Saturday I didn't take the melatonin and my sleeping was shit, I woke up nonstop. So what to do?????

He asked me if I snore while sleeping. OMG of course I don't!!!! How dare you ask me that????? I am so glamorous even when I am sleeping!!! Ok im jokking, I told him that I don't think I snore, and I sleep on my side so less chances to snore. But to be honest I was not sure. Anyways he wants I get a sleeping test done (nocturnal polysomnography with pulse oximetry, sounds cool right?)
When I left the clinic I messaged Mike to ask if I snore and he said "yes you do, you don't hard enough for sleep apnea it's normal soft snore" Damn you Mike!!!!! princess like me DONT snore! I know I don't but he said I do.... how can he knows it if he always fall asleep before me and I wake up before him? Mike does snore hard because he has apena, but me? no way, my noises aren't because snoring, it's the song of a mermaid... I said!


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