Endless days

Yesterday I took Martu to the doctor. It's been 48 hours since she got sick so they could run tests. They did a hyssop of her throat and Rx of her chest. We had to wait 1 hour until the doctor get the report, then he saw us again and told me that the hyssop is negative (thanks God) which means that Martu didn't got that terrible bacterium which is killing people around. But she got pneumonitis, she has mucus in the lungs. The word "pneumonitis" scared me, my kids never had something like that before. 

Doctor prescribed medicine and we went to the pharmacy to buy it. I also asked if they sell that pill splitter that you guys were talking about in my last post and they had!!!! I got so happy about that, that I had to explain to the lady from the pharmacy why I was so excited with this splitter lol. 

We went back home, had dinner and then I used the splitter to split the melatonin pill. It works! I took half pill and 20 minutes later I was falling asleep, but this morning I don't feel so sleepy and tired. We will see how I feel through the day.

I'll work from home today to can take care of Martu. I bet my boss is not happy about this and this is so hard for me to make her understand that it doesn't matter if I am in the office or at home, I only need a computer to get my work done, but there is nothing else I can do. Probably she will do a big cut on my salary this month but whatever, I can't blame my kid for that, she didn't got sick on purpose.


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