The bad and the good

Last week I worked from home, from Monday to Friday, because Martu was sick. She's fine now, taking medicine and going back to the school. On Satuday I went to work ready to hear my boss to complain about my situation. There was her daughter also and that made me more stressed. To make things worse the other girl who works in the company took the week off because he little son cries when she is working, so my boss were really pissed about women with children.
I went to her office to make her to sign some papers and told her that I had ready the sales report of the last two years that she asked me to do (because sales manager never did it). She didn't complain at me at all, probably because she realized that even from home I did work, my work and also part of the work that sales manager should do...

I had to claim again to my bank for them to fix my credit card bill, which was still showing a high debt when I paid it. Now it shows that credit card owe me money, so let's see what happens in few days when it's the due date of the next invoice.
Another one who owe me money is my health insurance. I got the last invoice and I see they charged me for any time I went to see a doctor and I did any health test. They should not add any extra charged but they did, and I also realized that they did it in the last invoice that I paid. I sent an email to them claiming for that, not answer yet. If raising a kind almost alone is hard and stressful, how harder this is when you keep getting fucked up for everybody. I can't ever relax, I can't ever stop worry about things, I've to be on alert 24*7, to check every single and stupid thing, and to lose my time and health claiming for every single stupid thing that happens in my life... depressing.

But let's see in the bright side of the life! This month the company got more collections than usual so boss gave us some extra money... that really surprised me! Another things that worked out for me is that yesterday it was "day of the employee of commerce" , this is double payment day, Our boss offered us to get a day off instead the double payment, then I'm using that day to compensate the day of work that I missed when I had that stressful argument with my sister and my elder daughter. Hopefully boss won't cut my salary this month then... cross fingers.


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