It's a match!

Holly crap. I installed Tinder to see how it works. I'm not fan of those kind of apps, but if I only go from home to work it will be very very hard to know someone. 

So I upload a actual photo to my profile, set my real age, a short name, and started to see the photos that the app showed to me. I said myself "let's not do like or dislike, let's only to see what kind of people do I get there". So I started to swipe the photos "without push the cross or the heart" so I was being sneaky... I thought. Few minutes later while I already swiped more than 50 profiles, I started to get notifications "It's a match!" followed for private messages. How the hell are they messaging me if I didn't like them?????" 1, 2, 5, 7 people messaging me and I realized my mistake... depending on which side you swipe it, it works like "like" or "don't like"... and guess to which side I swiped all the photos? yes... to the right (like) side. 

Jesus Christ... I keep getting more and more messages (which I didn't even open) while I was trying to unmatch all those people, getting stressed as fuck and feeling a retard because not being able to use an intuitive app like that. This explains a lot about why I am still single, right?

I messaged my friend who got a gf few weeks ago using that app asking for help but at this point, still getting stressed with the It's a match! notifications I decided to delete the account. 10 minutes was all my experience with Tinder. 


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