Fuck me up, it's free

I am so tired to deal with all the shit I deal. Everyone fuck me up, everything is a problem. This shit never changes. The health insurance company said that the plan I contrat has extra charges, "copay". BULLSHIT! the email that the agent seller sent to me says very clear that the plan as NOT copay, then the paper that he left to me which it supposedly a copy of the paper that I signed say that not extra charges will be applied. Then I called to the company and told them that, the guy who answered my call said that the paper that I've signed says it's a copay plan.

So are you saying to me that you made me sign a paper whit different information that the paper that your people left to me???? that is a fucking fraud. He said there is nothing he can do and I have to talk to the person who sold me the insurance. And for sure they will care only about the paper which has my signature. And the worse is that I can not even change to other health company until April. I am tired of this, too many things to deal with alone, too much to hold, too much to take care of. If something else happens to me i'll kill myself


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