Today I had another crisis... well lately I have crisis everyday. The crisis was not because Michael but I was trying to explain to him how I feel, so I wrote in English and googled it to see if those words makes sense or not. I always do it when I am not sure how to write something, there are a lot of Spanish phrases which mean nothing when you translate it to English. 

Googled translated it like "highly sensitive person" and also, to my surprise, I got a lot of articles about how to deal and live with this. It's not me trying to get something wrong to feel a victim and feel sorry of myself, but I need to find what is wrong with me to can work on it and fix this shit. So I read the characteristics of the HSP person and I have at least 90% of them. It's not a mental illness but a trait and there is no point to fight against it, they talk about to learn to deal with it. I'll try to get a diagnostic anyway, if I don't get the way to fix this shit I'll lose my mind. 


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