The last month has been exhausting and stressful. I got a new apartment to move in, a little cheaper than what I should pay to stay here. The new place is few blocks away from here so that's good. I think I'll be moving in 10 days. I didn't pack anything yet...

I am always tired and sleepy. Legs and arms tired and some sore. Why? I don't know. Probably because I am usually sleeping only 4 hours maybe 5 but hardly ever more than that. Sitting all day long at the computer is not helping at all.

On my work things sucks as usual. My coworker is still annoying with all his noises, comming to the office 30 minutes early to do nothing but curse and complain. The less he does the more money he earn, really I don't understand how the brain of my boss works if it even works. She is about to fire the other girl who works here. I lost all the interest in this job so I am doing only and exclusively the tasks they pay me to do. The last days I had to work dealing with a lot of bees inside my office, without water in the toilette every morning, bad internet connection, grumpy people and of course, the one who smells like dirty ass. 

I sold another website and I am earning some money with designs works so I'll be able to move to the other apartment without incurring debts. 

About family, I had a little more of drama because the problem with my sister where my mother tried to get involved but I told her to leave me alone. Martu is as usual being so fucking lazy with school and that add more stress on me. 

This last month I don't feel like journaling, not writing on my bullet journal (only once at week), I dont feel like drawing, exercising, nothing at all.... I feel so MEH...

Michael and I started to play again Lineage since they opened a classic server. Even that was stressing me because we joined a group of people who are a waste. Skipping work to play all day long, spending a lot of money to buy things on game, drinking 24 hours, and obsessed with be top level... wtf is wrong with people???? While we were playing at night, they joined our party to get lvl and went afk. While Mike and I working at day, they lvling their characters without take us because we should stay there afk. Fuck that, I wont "work" in a game to afk people get level. I left the group then Michael followed me. Now we play a little almost every day before sleep without rush to get lvl and working in our own stuff. It's relaxing and there is noone pushing me to play. Two days ago Michael's brother joined us. It was nice to see them both sharing something. It was the first time I interacted with him. 

I am trying to leave this Meh status, to get energy, to eathealthy and do workout again... I hope this don't take so long.


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