If I was very busy with work and study, I'll be more busy from now. One of my girl coworkers, the one who is always in panic and everything is a drama for her, quits job. Although it's the 3rd time she says she will quit, this time is real. She has been sick for long and she needs take care of her health. This means that I'll have to go to the new office very often to do her work while my boss hires a new person. 

I was already busy organizing other areas of the company and getting things ready for our annual sales meeting. I also should do a trip before Christmas to continue the training of one coworker who is working at the local office in Neuquen.

I'll ask my boss to tell sales manager to cover me with quotes and other basic tasks that he can do by himself. Oh well, it seems we got another good reason to keep my salary raising :)


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