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BBG week 7

Yesterday I started the week 7 of Bikini Body Guide! My legs was still tired because the workout of Friday but I could do it. I had to take few minutes of break between the 2 rounds because there was so many jumps and the muscles of my legs get exhauted but with few minutes of rest I'm able to do all the exercises.
I lost 2.2 lb I don't know how, I dodn't think I can lose more weight. I'm working now in eating but still can't fix resting. Yesterday I had just 1 coffee, then I replaced the other 2 coffee with a small yogurth with fruits an cereals.
Even drinking less coffee at night I could not be able to sleep early. I stayed chatting with Mike till 2 am then I played Candy Crush in the bed for 40 min until feel sleepy. And the night before yesterday was the same... we chatting until 2 or 3 am. I can't help, he is being so sweet that he makes hard to sleep early. About the bruxism I'm worse latelly, grinding my teeth so much. It makes me sleep very bad. I need to find a way to relax. After I move to a new flat I will start going to the weekend house again, and in 2 months I can start going to the pool. Maybe it will helps cool.gif

That is how I look now, BBG week 7

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