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OMG The Promotion!!!!!!!!

Few days ago my boss told me I got a promotion, and it was about to get more responsibilities and decisions in the sales department. Right now I'm assistant of the sales manager, so I thought it was about help him with more things. I was wrong....

Our company works with associate sellers, and few months ago we lost a seller of our most important region. Then we hired 2 news sellers for the region and we open a salles office and services workshop there. Today my boss and sales manager call me to a meeting and they told me he is leaving our company in 2 months, to go to the new office and work like associate seller... This news freaks me out! I never think he will move to the other city! but the important news there is that I'm going to take his post here 291.gif
I was like OMG I CAN'T BELIEVE, I'm a little scared but very excited about this, I love challanges and I know i can do the job.
I have somuch to learn and improve for sure but I know I learn fast when I'm motivated, and for sure this is a big motivation for myself!!!!!!!!
I will make a team with another coworker who was working in our depot and who I like how he works. He has technical knowledge but I'm going to learn it even when they not require me to know it.

I'm so surprised and happy!! 2016 definitely is a great year.
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