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A good day

I can't complain about today. I had a very good news about my promotion, sales manager told me a lot of good things he sees on me, and it feels very well when someone recognizes your effort and abilities. I'm working hard to change my mind and put focus just in positives things.
I could not skip coffee today, I drank 3 again because I felt very sleepy and I was nervous about the changes that will come about my job.
I got a lot of pics of Mike and we had fun making games with the pics. I really enjoy so much him, he's lovely. He told me very important things that I hope become true. Latelly I feel him very close and I love it. We will start saving money for us. He doesn't want to move to the new house and I know why, I think he doesn't even pick his stuff lol. I hope it doen's ruin any chance between us.
About health maybe I should see a doctor to get pills for allergy. Eyes, neck and ears itch so much.
This week I will be alone in the office then I will practise English because I'm getting worse ><
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