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I got new apartment!

After work I went to see an apartment to rent, the one in the same building where mom and sister live. I thought it will be small as the others i saw before but it isn not so small! I'm very happy!!!

I took few pics to can think how I will organize my forniture but they are bad pics. I just need to sell one of my tables with the chairs. This week I will pay to they reserve the apartment to me, then next month I'm going to move there. I really have so much to do now!!!!

There the principal door, then the living room. (well....half). the door on the wall is the bedroom, the other door is a small restroom

the small restroom

the kitchen has spot for washing machine also (my niece there)

ok the pic of the bedroom sucks, i know

the wardrobe

the batheroom next to the bedroom

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