_Nat (nattalie_m) wrote,

In the plane

My flight has connection to Lima - Perú. I'm going to the gate now. Let's see what happens.

After give to them the boarding pass I went to the gate 5, was not hard to find really and there isn't many people I think because the hour. I show to them my ticket then I boarded the plane.

The plane is a Boening 767-300 from Latam Airlines, very comfortable. I took a window seat to can see everything. Next to me was a man who doesn't bother me at all.
The flight left on time (04:30 am) and the runway was lit with blue lights, I loved it!!!

Every seat has a screen but I bring my tablet wich has the app Latam Entertainment. I started to watch X-Men or something like this wich was so bad that I quit to watch Games of Thrones. The flight time was 5 hours and they gave me latte and a muffins that was great!
I was not afraid so I enjoyed a lot the experience flighting. 
Tags: flight, latam
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