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I was looking the pics of the new apartment to see what I will do with all the furniture I have. Of course I can't bring all there. I don't know why I get so many furniture years ago when I end using always the same chair, the bed and what else??? maybe the sofa time to time. I want keep just the basic.
I sitll need throw more and more things in the trash. Every time I organize my stuff I feel like throwing everything, clothes, shoes, ornaments, books, plates, even paints. And I will do. I want let everything in the past and start again.
So it has 1 restroom and 1 bathroom. I was thinking... maybe can I use the restroom like Make up room? bbg.jpg
Btw I think I will buy a microwave. So at weekend I can cook for all the week and keep it in the freezer, and when I get home I just need use the microwave to heating up the food.
Tags: house
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