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My flight arrives to Lima - Perú. To be honest, isn't nice around the airport, and people who works in the Customs are not gently at all.

I had to wait just 1 hour to get the other plane to flight to Orlando. This plane is an Airbus A319, not so comfortable like the Boening 767 but still fine. I got window seat and this time next to me was a girl like 6 years old and in the other side her mother with a baby. I thought it would be a terrible flight but the kids don't bother me too much.

For lunch I had some kind of rolled chicken and potatoes, I didn't like it

We arrived 15:35 hours at Orlando Airport. There was too many people. I waited 1 hour or more in line for Customs control, and they found suspect that I was going alone then they did a second control wich meant a lot of questions, check my cellphone, my luggage, etc. 97.gif

I left Customs office 2 hours after arrive in U.S. Not funny at all 
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