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Heart attack??????

Aweful morning, it was raining heavily. I got home tired as hell after slept just 4 hours last night... last week. I took a shower then I said to Mike I was going to nap 2 hours. I went to bed, was so sleepy, so relaxed, so ready for sleep... then for 1 hours every time I was falling asleep my heart went slow and it wake me up. First times that heart beat slow my lungs work very very slow like if they will stop working, but I can get air, i just feel like if someone turned my body off. After it my body started to shake when falling asleep and in the last I started to feel cold... I checked my beats and ... 48 bpm   ermm.gif

Ok... no nap for me today 97.gifI got up to force my heart to beats normal. Nope... the fucker stayed in 50-54 and I felt my chest pushed and my neck tense. I decided go for a walk... if I move my heart works fine, but Mike beg me to see a Dr.
Grrrr I didn't want lose my day at Dr!!! but I will not let him worry. I didn't have to wait nothing, Dr was free so she tried to check my heart with a pulseoximeter... it couldn't find my pulse hahahaha... she put it in other finger and told me "girl you are very cold" .... yes I'm always cold!!!
The pulseoximeter show beats between 48 to 70 and oxigen 99%. They ran an electrocardiogram and it was ok. Dr checked my beats wuth the pulseoximeter again and heart still jumping lown and down. She said if the feeling in the chest doesn't disappears or I feel pain in my neck and face I have to go again and they will make me stay there 24 hours. She thinks I have sleep amenorrhea, it means that my heart stop working few seconds when I'm falling asleep. It can be possible, cardiologist still need check it.

Since I couldn't sleep I'm drinking abother coffee now coffeebath.gif
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