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BBG Week 9

Yesterday I was so tired! but when I got home I did my workput... BBG week 9!!! I can't believe I still doing it. It was legs day, and very very hard.

  • 50 jump lunges

  • 20 split squats

  • 20 180º jump squats

  • 15 medicine ball full squats and press

  • 20 X hops

  • 30 knees up

  • 15 double bench jumps

  • 24 snap jump knee ups

All x 2... I couldn't finish it all 2 times. The second time I stopped after 30 knees up, was exhausted and with some pain in the lower back. I did streaching for many minutes but expecting everything hurts today.
Last Friday was legs day also and my legs was still tired on Monday, next time I repeat the BBG I will do legs always the same day in the week to avoid muscle exhaustion.
Today legs don't hurt so much, but let's wait till tomorrow and see if I feel more pain.
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