_Nat (nattalie_m) wrote,


Yesterday I did BBG week 9 arms day. Still can't deal with some exercises since my arms are so weak then I replacement it with dumbbells.
Legs and butt still hurt a little lol but so far I'm fine. Still missing the LISS session 128fs4765852.gif
I'm going to finish BBG in November 12th, then I will repeat it again. This means before see Michael again I will end the second round of BBG and prolly start BBG 2.0 or repeat the BBG 1.0 for third time. For sure he will realize about how my body changed blush.gif

Weather still aweful. Yesterday it was raining all day long, and this morning is cloudy and windy. For tomorrow seems is going to rain, cloudy weekend and rain again for Tuesday. Right now it's 15ºc. The only good thing about this spring is that rain keep polen down, but I don't know how to wear every day and I'm tired to wear coats.
Tags: bbg, weather, workout
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