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Finally it's sunny, and Friday! No more rain for few days. Good for continue washing curtains, pillows, blankets, etc.

I'm not sure how I feel today... a little tired and sleepy for sure, and I think allergy is back. I woke up with very dry eyes. I'm not stressed right now, I hope keep in this way today. Mike is sick. Yesterday he went to bed when he got home, he has fever and headache, prolly he got flu. Anyway he messaged me many times and he also is looking tickets to come to my country. Not sure what's going on in his mind but he's so lovely even sick.

Lastnight I packed my clothes. I need sell asap the furniture and get someone who need the things I have to give away. I have more things to give away than to move to new house, I like it bbg.jpg
After work I'm going to sign the papers to the new apartment. I wish luck to myself!
Tags: house, michael, weather
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