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Fucking deals

I tried to transfer my internet service to the new building then they asked me for a permission signed by the building manager. I spoke her and she said I'm sorry you can't transfer it because we have a deal with other TV company wich provide internet service too.....wallbash.gifwallbash.gifwallbash.gif
I got upset about this but anyway I called this other company to ask about the cost of their services... very fucking expensive. So they have a deal but not special prices????? WTF 97.gif97.gif97.gif97.gif97.gif.... I got very mad then I called again the building manager and I said to her look... tell me what is the advantage about ur deal with this provider because it cost more money than my actual provider who give me also telephony....
After push her for few minutes she give me permiss to my provider check if they can install the wire in in the pipeline that the building has. I hope it can be able to do or I will need spend more money for a worse service with the other shitty provider. 
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