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After lie a lil in the bed we get dressed then we went to Walmart to get something to eat. Everything is big there... the shops, the products, everything! So I was looking around like OMG 291.gif You can find whatever you need there, and a big variety of each product.. not like the Walmart in my country ermm.gif

I felt a lil hungry but as usual I didn't know what eat so we walked between the market aisles while Mike was picking things.. like nachos, some Tostitos spicy sauce, salad, ranch dressing, popcorn, cold tea, wine, x24 water pack, orange juice, some pasta to cook in microwave oven, daikiri, toothbrush, Talenti icecream, Naked juice (love it!) and I took coffee (of curse!!!), coffee-mate liquid creamer , sugar, greek yogurth, flavored tea and some oatmeal cookies that were delicious!

We went back to the hotel and I had coffee with liquid creamer and cookies for dinner while we watched TV... and... well blush.gif
Tags: florida, holidays, orlando, shopping, walmart
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