_Nat (nattalie_m) wrote,

Work @.@

I was very busy today at work. The day started calm but before midday everybody wanted something of me 😥 I had to stop the thing I was doing a lot of times to do something else and of course, I didn't finish all my work today. It is because my new job tittle.
Even my boss sent me a task today about design, I could not start it yet. There are good news. She us going to buy a new monitor, new desk and new cellphone for me. I like when they spoil me 😆
another good news is today is pay day! And my salary rises even when I'm nit getting yet the rise for new work. In the next months it will keep raising 😻
The bad thing today at work... since it's warm, the asshole coworker started to smells bad 😖💩 I really want throw up when he is in the office.
I start to feel confidence about my new job. Before leave today a coworked called me to say Thanks for my support to satisfy the needs of 2 clients, one of them wich is Siemens, an important client. It's nice when ppl who work with you appreciate your work.

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