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This month will be hard because I spent all my money to rent new house and moved out. So yesterday was pay day and I checked my bank account, I did some numbers and I see I need be careful for few weeks. After it I open market online shop and I bought food and other things... I spent more than usual 1068973_34_y.jpg
Ok it's done.... let's try to control myself!
Today I open eBay website and I bought some face creams... I was just looking for one that I already have but it's running out so I want get it, send to Mike's adress to he send it to me when he send me xmas gift. I ended buying 3 creams and spending 36usd ermm.gif and I will not even get it with xmas gift because Mike will get my order prolly on December. Anyway he can give me it on March when we together for vacations.
I should let my credit card at home to avoid spending more money this month wallbash.gifwallbash.gifwallbash.gifwallbash.gif
Tags: shopping
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