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Mike is sooo lovely since our vacations loveshower.gif Everyday he tell me "ty for you" and I can see he is happy and more relaxed now.
It's so good that both have same feelings and I love the way he shows me it. Our relationship grows more and more, and I can trust him. Any mistake he did before doesn't matter, he's doing very good now.
Another think I realize is that he started to let other people know his feelings about me, and I enjoy seeing how similar we are. happy0196.gif

This week he is going to Ulta to pick make up for me, because he knows I like it and he wants to choose for me. I said to him few things I like but he wants choose what he would like I wear, my boyfriend is perfect! Just_Cuz_13.gif
I need starting to see what I will give to him for xmas. 
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