_Nat (nattalie_m) wrote,

In the name of God

I was dreaming when Mike woke me up. I dreamed a lot of shit this time and of course I don't remember all. I was trying to get something to buy in stores, no idea what I was looking for. Then i got a facebook notification from my best friend. She wrote something about be patient and trust on God when you call a taxy and it doesnt come at time. She was going to a salon to celebrate her daugther bday... she's religious of course. I used to love the calm she keep when things going bad, because she trust on God. I tried to do it but if there is a God I'm not able to have a relationship with him that means talk to him in the name of his son, go to church to listent to a man who maybe is there just to take ppl money, etc. I just take something from the Bible.. God is Love... and Jesus, doesnt matter if he was god's son or not, had a way to love the ppl that we all need try to get.
Going back to my dream, there was something with houses also, I don't remember what, and with some street concerts that some artist was doing in a bus. I was looking few of those, going there and here, when I got a dangerous situation in a street. A man was tried to kill, or killed, ppl in a bar, with a knife. A woman who worked there reduced him and forced him to lay in the floor. All her arms covered by blood. I said something to her, idk what it was now, then I woke up cuz Mike messaged me.
Tags: dreams
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