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People suck

Despite I slept just 4 hours it was a decent day untill I got work. I spent the first 40 minutes at work listening to my coworker complaining about everything and talking about he didn't want come to work today. I really can't understand people in this fucking country. He got better position and salary but he just complain about every single tasj he has to do now... and I have to hear all his QQ every day. Annoying as hell. wallbash.gif
And he keeps that stupid attitude trying to act like sales manager does. He is a very quiet guy but since he was moved to my office he started to talk very loudy at phone... same than sales manager does. I told him today, is there in your corner any acustic issue wich make ppl talk so loudy at phone as sales manager does? he replied " oh ... ha ha no.... but I can't hear well maybe bad signal here." so I said "well, that is curious since I heard from here all that the guy was saying to you   animated-smileys-rolleyes-08.gif"
I had to put headphones on to not hear all his complaining and his ugly music he listen to without headphone like if he is alone in the office animated-smileys-rolleyes-08.gifanimated-smileys-rolleyes-08.gif
In the other hand he got upset because I was doing some important quote and I didn't stop doing this to do his work wich he still doesn't learn to do. I said to him I was very delayed with my quote because Technical Service tooks 10 days to enter the data in the system... not my fault.
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