_Nat (nattalie_m) wrote,

Cats... again

I had weird dreams. It was very messy and I can't remember everything. I was in some house, or hotel, not sure, but a lot of people were there... and cats. Some of those cats had baby cats, and they were very little baby cats, same size of a cockroach. And this mini cats didn't walk, they laid in the top of the head of their mom cats. I caressed them.
Mom was around. It supossed we were about to go to some place but she got a bus and I decided not going with them. I stayed in that place, and them I was in a bed fucking a girl. Is not the first time I dream with girls but I feel they are me, like if I fuck myself lol.  I don't want try with girls for now. But this one, I was touching her, and the muscles of her belly were strong, like if she had an athlete body. I couldn't realize any more about her body because people were going and coming so we had to stop. I didn't feel it like something exciting, is more like I'm curious about the muscles... maybe it's the body I want get? I don't know but for sure I need push myself to workout more hard.
Tags: dreams
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