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Happy bday to me xD

Today is my birthday, so I did some shopping. I bought to paint my hair, a black eyelash mascara, another nailpolish and some stuff for nailart. I also bought some stuff for my house and an interdental brush wich I tried right now and I love it! There are just few teeth I can't use that brush on because i'm not forcing it, but this clean my teeth so good!!!
I tried the nailpolish and I'm not sure how I feel about this color, but is a color for summer and this will be good to use with my new bikini happy0196.gif
At 10pm I will go upstair to have dinner with mom, then come back home to play magic with Mike or do something together bbg.jpg
Went I woke up I was tired and in bad mood but Mike is spoiling me since early, he made my day.

Tags: birthday, make up, nailpolish, shopping
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