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After many days off I'm back.
Works meeting was not like I expected. I had bad time the last day because ex-sales manager fault. He mades me show some project that my boss didn't know at all and ofc she got upset cuz this. I'm a little disappointed with him because instead say the truth he keep silence and later he came to talk to me like if this situation happened cuz my boss is hysterical. He had no balls to assume the responsability even when I know he did a mistake not in purpose. The good thing about this is that my boss and her daughter knows it was not my fault and we are going to have a meeting on Monday. Yesterday at dinner my boss hug me and spoke to me few words to show me she appreciate me, so I'm relaxed about this situation but to be honest I really had hard time.
Since sales manager is now associate seller I can explain to my boss what happened without perjudicate him, this is good... I don't like fucking people up. Anyway I'm thinking about telling to my boss about the others issues I see in the company since I'm replacing sales manager. I'm trying to learn from this situation instead get mad and act like a child.
I bought new shoes on Wednesday, real leather, very comfortable...I love they! the 2 pair of shoes I bought this month don't injured my feet and are very elegant. I wore the new shirts that I bought in Florida for the meeting...seems I looked great because my coworkers told me I was very nice, and some of they also told me that I'm more thinner. cool.gif

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